Diatonic accordion, collection "Au gré des notes" (vol.1)
Ouessant et autres voyages...





Ouessant et autres voyages... - Accordéon diatonique

  • "Ouessant et autres voyages" is the first book of a collection devoted to compositions by Florence Pinvidic for diatonic accordions

  • All music in this collection are unpublished : about 15 creations to travel playing the diato, "cercles circassiens", scottishes or melodies-waltzes

  • Half these compositions are accessible to all diatonic accordions 2 rows

  • The other musics are for diatonic accordions 2 rows 1/2 or 3 rows

Musics for diatonic accordions 2 rows

  • Pellan (scottish harmonized for 3 accordions)
  • Marie et Marie (3 thèmes) - video here
  • 2 jigs : Tavarn et Ty-korn
  • Rêverie en deux accords... (2 themes + final)
  • Marylin Inn (extract of the cd "Chemins")
  • Organetto
  • Le bal des lutins (3 "cercles circassiens")

Musics for diatonic accordions 2 rows 1/2 and 3 rows