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Diatonic or chromatic : which accordion to choose ?
Which is most difficult ?
Is is possible to learn how to play the chromatic accordion without the musical theory ?
Is it easy to play the accordion ?

A recurring question : which accordion to choose ?

In our courses, we teach the two accordions in the same way.
In a case as in the other, the musical theory is not obligatory, because we use the system of tabs.
The musics taught are progressive and they adapt to the rhythm of each one.
Our exclusive method makes the chromatic accordion as accessible as the diatonic accordion, so you can freely choose between theses two instruments !
Only one criterion : which music do you want to play ?
If you enjoy traditional music (Breton, folk...), you should choose the diatonic accordion.
If you enjoy better other musics (slavic, classical, yiddish...), you should choose the chromatic one.

Take into account the weight of the instrument. The diatonic accordion is lighter. So, if you choose the chromatic accordion, choose small models (except if you have big bicepses !!!) : 6-8 kg (at least at the beginning). If you carry your accordion on long distances, you can buy a rucksack (on sale in the specialized stores).

Another question often related to the first : which is most difficult ?

Sincerely, none ! Each one of these two accordions has its own difficulties, but one isn't easier than the other.
The evolution are a little longer at the beginning for the chromatic accordion, but after 6 months-1 year, the results are as real and continuous as for the diatonic one.

Is is possible to learn how to play the chromatic accordion without the musical theory ?

Yes, in our accordion school, yes ! We have developed a system of tabs and a progressive method thanks to which many people can learn now to play the chromatic accordion, without any knowledge of musical theory.

Is it easy to play the accordion ?

Easy ? No, it's not ! Indeed it is necessary to learn to play two different things with the left hand and the right hand ! Don't worry : thanks to a progressive method and a daily playing, you will certainly succeed ! The accordion is accessible to everyone : our younger pupils are five years old, our older eighty ... Everybody progress, more or less quickly... Each one its rhythm and progression !